Empire French Porcelain

  • Full Service Dinnerware Set Pure Limoges porcelain. Hand-painted. Finished in fine gold relief and embossed gold . Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. Made in France. This full service dinnerware set includes: -          6 dinner plates -          6 flat soup bowls -          6 dessert plates -          3 serving platters   You will...

    3 915,00 €
  • Limoges Porcelain Trinket Tray Empire CollectionHand-paintedFinished in fine gold relief EmbossedNumbered and signedDimensions: 16 x 20 cmMade in France You will receive your Porcelain Trinket Tray from the Empire Collection in five to seven working days.

    268,00 €
  • Personalized Pharmacy Jar: Empire CollectionHand-painted Limoges porcelain.Dimensions : 7.5 centimeters; height 17 cm.Made entirely in France. You will receive your Personalized Pharmacy Jar: Empire Collection in 7-10 days overseas. 

    210,00 €
  • Collectible Limoges Porcelain Egg with Napoleon's Bee Symbol Hand-painted, gilded with fine goldHeight 5 inches (12 centimeters), diameter 3.5 inches (9 centimeters)Made entirely in FrancePackaging Blue BoxFull of Chocolats Allow two weeks for receiving your Limoges Porcelain Egg with Bee Symbol with personalisation

    199,00 €
  • French inkwellLimoges porcelain - Hand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine goldLength and width: about 6 centimeters (2.3 inches) and height: 5.5 centimeters (2.1 inches).Made in France Allow two weeks for receiving your order with personnalisation

    124,00 €
  • French antique cup.Limoges Porcelain.Hand-painted.Gilded with fine gold.Gold Bee embossed.Numbered and signed.Height: 3 inches.Diameter: 4 inches.Made in France.Allow between one and two weeks before shipment of your order.

    195,00 €
  • Limoges porcelain photo frameHand-Painted,Numbered and signed,Gold Embossed - Selignac "Savoir-Faire",Dimensions : 5,5 x 7,2 inches. Allow between five to seven days before shipment of your porcelain Frame

    145,00 €
  • Empire French Porcelain Egg with Gold Relief - Empire CollectionHand-painted, Numbered and signedGilded with fine goldHeight 2 inches, Length 2.4 inches and Width 1.57 inchesMade in France.Full of Chocolats for Easter Allow 2 weeks for receiving your order with personnalisation

    135,00 €
  • Empire Collection Porcelain Pill Box with Gold Bee,Hand paintedDetailed in gold relief and embossed goldNumbered and signedDimensions: L6.5 x l5 x H4.5 cmMade in France You will receive your Empire Collection Porcelain Pill Box with Gold Bee within 7 days.

    135,00 €
  • Limoges porcelain heart boxHand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine gold EmbossedMade in France. Allow between ten and fifteen days for receiving your Limoges porcelain Heart Box.

    135,00 €
  • French Porcelain from Limoges.Hand-Painted.Gilded with fine gold.Numbered and signed.Height and length about 10.5 inches.Made in France. Allow between one and two weeks before shipment of your order.

    195,00 €
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    Limoges Porcelain Trinket BoxPainted entirely by handGold embossedNumbered and signed by the artistDimensions: 7 x 2 centimetersBlue Package Please allow two weeks for delivery of your Limoges Porcelain Trinket Box from Empire Collection.

    173,00 €
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  • Graduation Gift from France: Large Pharmacy Jar - Empire CollectionLimoges porcelain. Hand-painted.Numbered and signed.Gilded with fine gold.Dimensions: 11 x 24 cmMade in France.  Alow 2 weeks for receiving your Graduation Gift from France: Large Pharmacy Jar from the Empire Collection.

    310,00 €
  • This french antique cup is painted by hand and gilded with fine gold.Each cup is gold embossed, numbered and signed and made in France.The diameter is 4 inches, the height is 3 inches.You will receive your order within 2 weeks.

    160,00 €
  • Classic French Lamp with Napoleon's Bee - Empire CollectionLimoges porcelain.Hand-Painted.Gilded with fine gold embossed.Numbered and signed.27.5 x 15.7 inches.Made in France.Allow between eight and fifteen days before shipment of your Classic French Lamp with Napoleon's Bee from the Empire Collection.

    630,00 €
  • French Empire Porcelain,Limoges Porcelain, Hand-Painted.Gilded with fine gold,Gold Bee embossed,Numbered and signed,Diameter: 5 inches. Height: 2,5 inches. Allow between one to two weeks before shipment of Empire Porcelain.

    140,00 €
  • Yeld to the temptation to light up the interior of your home!Hand painted, gilded with fine gold, numbered and signed, this porcelain flowerpot is magnificent. The diameter is 18 centimetres and the height is 15 centimetres. Made in France. You should receive your order within eight days.

    667,00 €
  • Square Porcelain Coffee Mug with Napolean's Bee SymbolEmpire Collection pattern, hand painted and gilded with fine gold. Napoleon's Bee is painted in gold and embossed.Numbered and signed. Height 10 cm (about 4 inches), width 10 cm (about 4 inches) handle included.Your Square Porcelain Coffee Mug will be mailed one to three days after you order. For more...

    137,50 €
  • Personalized Luxury Ashtray in Limoges Porcelain - Empire Collection Limoges porcelain.Hand-painted.Numbered and signed.Gilded with fine gold.7x7 inchesMade in France.Alow 2 weeks for receiving your Personalized Luxury Ashtray from the Empire Collection. 

    267,50 €
  • Luxury Desk Accessory Pencil Holder from Empire CollectionHand-painted Limoges porcelain.Numbered and signed.Gilt with fine gold.Height : 4 inches Diameter : 2,7 inches. Made entirely  in France. Allow 2 weeks for receiving your Luxury Desk Accessory Pencil Holder from Empire Collection with personalisation.  

    141,00 €
  • Oval Empire Porcelain DishLimoges porcelain inspired by Napoléon FirstHand-paintedNumbered and signedGilded with fine goldWidth 3 inches and Length 4.5 inches.Made in France. Allow two weeks for receiving your Oval Porcelain Dish from Empire Collection with personalisation.

    108,00 €
  • Empire Egg Collection - Limoges Porcelain EggFor Easter this year, Laure Selignac is pleased to offer a delicious treat -- gourmet chocolate inside a collectible porcelain egg. Hand-painted, Numbered and signed,Gilded with fine gold.Made in France.Height 5 inches (12 centimeters), diameter 3.5 inches (9 centimetres) Alow 2 weeks for receving your Limoges...

    135,00 €
  • Empire Collection Square Trinket Box Limoges box from France.Numbered and signed. Gilded with fine embossed gold.Napoleon's bee hand-painted.Square box, Lenght 4.7 inches and Height 2 inches.Made in France.Add a text or other personalization for free Allow 2 weeks for receiving your order with personalisation.

    313,00 €
  • Butter dish Empire in French Porcelain from Limoges.Hand-Painted and Gilded with fine gold.Napoleon's Bee painted with embossed Gold.Numbered and signed.Diameter about 4 inches, Height 2.75 inches. (10 to 7 centimeters)Made in France.You will receive your porcelain order within two weeks.

    137,50 €
  • Pharmacy Jar Porcelain from Empire CollectionHand-painted Limoges porcelain.Detailed in fine gold relief and embossed gold.Numbered and signed by the artist.13 centimeters (about 5 inches) in diameter; and 28 centimeters (about 11 inches) tall. Made in France. You will receive your Pharmacy Jar from France in 7-10 days. 

    462,50 €
  • Small Ceramic Jar with Lid, personalized in Limoges porcelain.Traditional pharmacy jar.Hand painted.Gilded with fine gold.Numbered and signed.Diameter 6 centimeters and height 15 centimeters(about 2,5 and 6 inches).Made in France. You will receive this personalized ceramic jar within one to two weeks.

    188,00 €
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